Retail Investor

Retail Investor

This is typically an individual who invests his or her own money in stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investment types.
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    • Individual Investor

      A user of the ClickIPO app, usually with the intention of following and/or investing in public offerings. Also referred to as "Retail Investor".
    • Why has it been so hard for individual investors, sometimes referred to as retail investors, to purchase IPOs?

      Investment banks that underwrite IPO’s have been eliminating their retail brokers along with their smaller customers for many years. Working with Retail Investors externally has proven to be very difficult and expensive for Investment Banks. Since ...
    • How does ClickIPO work?

      ClickIPO is a mobile-based IPO and Secondary Offering order entry platform and research tool designed for Retail Investors. We make it easy for Retail Investors at any Broker-Dealer to purchase any Offering. We aggregate Retail Investor orders by ...
    • Allocation

      The number of shares distributed to an investor.
    • How much stock will I receive or be allocated?

      You could be allocated the entire dollar amount of your order, part of your order, or none of your order. Your allocation depends on how much interest there is in a specific offering, and how much of the offering is allocated to ClickIPO.