Effective Date

Effective Date

The date on which an Offering is cleared by the SEC. The price and shares to be sold are set.The stock will trade when the market is open.
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    • Price Range

      An estimated range, usually in $2.00 increments ($18-$20 as an example) within which an Offering is expected to be priced. This range can change during the Registration Period and is only a guide. A final price will be chosen on the Effective Date.
    • Withdrawal Period

      On the effective date of an IPO or Marketed Secondary Offering, investors will be given at least a 60 minute window to cancel their COB. This is "one last chance" for an investor to cancel a COB. You can also withdraw or modify your conditional offer ...
    • Conditional Offer to Buy (COB)

      A "COB" is the price that a customer is offering to pay for an IPO. The COB is for a range that is less than 20% above the top end of the "price range". For a secondary offering, the COB does not have a "price range" because pricing is based on, and ...
    • Are all IPOs available to order? When will "X" IPO be available to order?

      Not all offerings are available to order. While we do list all offerings, please keep in mind that allocations are never guaranteed. If we expect to receive an allocation from the Underwriter in an offering we will make it available to order on the ...
    • Why do you take orders in dollars instead of shares?

      We take orders in dollars because the final price of the offering is not determined until the offering is effective. Your allocation will be in shares. Regardless of the final price, you will not be allocated more shares than the total dollar amount ...