The number of shares distributed to an investor.

Block Offering

A block of shares available for purchase usually priced at or below market prices, usually without a registration statement. A block of shares for sale is announced after the market closes, usually at a discoun...


Refers to either an online brokerage or traditional brokerage whose clients make either directed or self-directed investments.

ClickIPO Investor Score

The score that ClickIPO keeps on all users, reflecting that user’s track record of buy-and-hold behavior and other factors. The ClickIPO Investor Score primarily influences the amount of Allocation of a particu...


Underwriter, displayed on the upper right side of the prospectus that assists the Lead Underwriter.

Conditional Offer to Buy (COB)

“A COB is the price that a customer is offering to pay for an IPO. The COB is for a range that is less than 20% below the bottom end of the price range, and less than 20% above the top end of the “”price range”...

Conditional offer to Buy (COB) Price Range

The “COB Price Range” is the range in which a COB will be accepted provided that the final price is within the “COB Price Range”. The range is any final price that is less than 20% below the low end of the pric...

Effective Date

The date on which an Offering is cleared by the SEC. The price and shares to be sold are set.The stock will trade when the market is open.


An exchange platform where investors can buy and sell stock. NASDAQ and NYSE are exchanges.

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